Sagres Beer is leisurely back with a renewed site

The new Sagres beer site is already online. Aiming to be closer to its consumers and provide them with new unique experiences, Sagres beer is leisurely back, with a new, more appealing and modern website, offering a more intuitive and user-focused browsing experience, where not only you can get to know more about the brand's history, its products and commitments, but also read the "freshest" news firsthand.

 The renovated site was developed to offer users the best digital experience, making it more direct and easier to search, at any time.

But this isn´t all, added to the simplicity of a "leisurely" navigation is new dynamic content, with animation and transition, without losing sight of the web’s usability and good practices.

With the creative and technical development of WYcreative and WYperformance SEO, the new site reflects the positioning of Sagres beer, a beer for all Portuguese and always focused on the best life has to offer and in providing unique experiences to consumers.