With the aim of generating value through a continuous search for permanent improvement of our relationship with all our Stakeholders in the universe of Companies that make up Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas as well as support alert and quick correction of any anomalous situation that may harm the image and businesses of the Company, SCC decided to create the position of Ombudsman.

Part of our mission is to understand our Customers’ expectations and needs, promoting a relationship that is based on trust between them and Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas, guaranteeing the quality of our products and services at all times.

To assist us in this area, we have set up a direct communication channel with our Customers. The Customer Help Line - 800 239 239 – is free for you to call and extensive to all types of contacts, ranging from complaints to information requests in the scope of Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas’ activity.

With the aim of providing full customer satisfaction, all calls are personally handled by an operator between Monday and Friday, from 8.00am to 8.00pm. Calls made outside this period will be answered by an answering service where Customers can leave their messages, which will be duly forwarded and handled.

SCC Group believes that if we want to offer an improved range of services and products we must build it together with our Customers.

SCC's Ombudsman shall also be assigned with the following duties:

  1. Receive, classify, analyze, investigate and conclude any claim or complaint processes as well as give feedback on any suggestions made by Customers, Suppliers, Distributors and Staff from the universe of SCC companies;
  2. Investigation of any subject which for its relevance or impact on SCC's image requires the implementation of any measures, either on an internal or public level;
  3. Propose the implementation of any measures intended or likely to improve SCC's relationship with its Stakeholders.
  4. The Ombudsman shall suggest solutions to each different situation with the aim of improving the quality and efficiency of the services rendered by SCC.
  5. To carry out his assigned duties, the Ombudsman shall seek to use SCC's existing channels and areas at all times.
  6. The Ombudsman's role, namely with regards to claims and/or complaints, must be promptly carried out, with no need for any formalities not deemed essential to safeguard the legal rights and interests of the claimants or complainants or SCC's.
  7. Before drawing any conclusions, the Ombudsman shall first hear the Senior Staff and Staff members whose performance was questioned, in order to obtain the required and relevant explanations.
  8. Having reached a conclusion, the Ombudsman shall inform the Chairman and members of the CEA as well as inform the author of the complaint, claim or suggestion within 10 days.
  9. The Ombudsman shall elaborate an annual activity report and suggest improvements.

For any complaint, claim or suggestion please send an email to our Ombudsman to the following address: