Água de Luso Launches new site to be closer to its consumers

Reinforcing its commitment to the different generations and continuing the communication campaign "Luso, Naturally Balanced", Água de Luso has just launched a new, more dynamic and intuitive site, which aims to be a space for sharing information about the distinctive aspects of Water in general and, especially, to stay abreast of everything concerning this particular natural mineral water.

Available at the new, modern and interactive site www.agualuso.pt, users not only can learn all about the history of Água de Luso, its products, sustainability journey but also read other content about water, well-being, and healthy lifestyles.  Updated in real time, the site’s content is simultaneously posted on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

With a simple design, in soft tones reflecting the essence of the brand, the new site is visually more enjoyable, offering a better browsing experience.

With the creative and technical development by WYcreative and WYperformance SEO, the new site reflects Água de Luso’s commitment to continue reinforcing its proximity to generations over 170 years, charting a path of constant innovation combined with a strong sustainability strategy.

It should be noted that Água de Luso is a natural mineral water, low in sodium and with a balanced pH that contributes to consumers’ well-being; it comes in a returnable glass bottle that can be used repeatedly, allowing everyone to make more sustainable choices in their daily lives; and  because of its very low mineralization tastes so good.