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In 1873, a young businessman named Gerard Heineken discovered his passion for brewing. He then bought land in the region that is now downtown Amsterdam, built a brewery and dedicated himself to perfecting the recipe that would soon become the first "premium" lager in the Netherlands. News quickly spread and the name Heineken®, stamped on each bottle, became a national symbol of quality. At the heart of Heineken's® success are pure and natural ingredients: malted barley, water, hops and a small and yet very significant element called yeast A.

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In June 2014, the video produced by Heineken®, “Last Ticket” is awarded the Gold Medal at Prémios Lusos Marketeer 2016


Heineken® is the most international beer in the world, being present in around 170 countries.

The A yeast, exclusive to Heineken®, is responsible for the rich and balanced flavor, as well as the subtle fruity notes that have distinguished each Heineken® since the 19th century.

Heineken® is the world's most international premium beer brand, sold in over 170 countries.