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Heineken 0.0

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Heineken 0.0

All the flavor, zero alcohol!

Starting from scratch, our master brewers spent many years experimenting, fermenting and tasting their product before finally creating a recipe that is defined by refreshing fruity notes and a smooth malt body, the result of which is perfectly balanced.

With only 53 Kcal per 25cl bottle, this aromatic and fruity beer with 0.0% alcohol content, is a new beer option, offering consumers the same premium experience as a regular Heineken and adequate for different occasions.

With the same flavor of a regular Heineken®, even after the dealcoholization process, the new Heineken® 0.0 is a light-bodied beer, with fruity notes and a perfectly balanced malt flavor. Perfect to drink during a business lunch, a family dinner or an evening out with friends with no worries to drive back home. In sum, perfect to be enjoyed any time, any place.

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