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Born in 1940 as a premium beer, SAGRES® was created to represent Sociedade Central de Cervejas at the Portuguese World Exhibition, inaugurated in May 1940. More than 80 years later, Portugal and the Portuguese have changed, but the values of Cerveja Sagres continue to represent a country that wants to keep on growing, winning and above all continue being the best version of itself day in, day out.


  • “Sagres, a sede que se deseja” was the slogan used in the 60’s in the brand’s first advertising campaign designed by the writer José Carlos Ary dos Santos.

  • Sagres Mini was launched in 1972 with the initial slogan “Beba Sagres pequena, a sua pequena”.

  • Sagres was the first brand in Portugal to sponsor the Portuguese National Football Team, an ongoing sponsorship started by Sagres in 1993.